Consulting and Business Start-Up

You are finally ready to start your very own business. Have you thought about the benefits of incorporating or forming a LLC, and what implications – legal and otherwise – does owning your own business have on your personal assets? Incorporating or forming a LLC may have significant benefits for your business and your personal assets, both legally and from a tax perspective.


  • Incorporate or Form a LLC – Our business start-up services include completing corporate/LLC documentation, and obtaining your seal and stamp.
  • Tax ID Number – We file for and obtain a Federal Tax ID Number (Or use your Employers Identification Number)
  • Tax Forms – We can file tax form elections on your behalf (such as S-Corp election).


  • Experience – Your documents are reviewed, completed and filed by professionals.
  • Savings – Our fees can save you hundreds of dollars, when compared to your local Attorney.
  • Guaranteed – We guarantee the accurate filing of your corporation or LLC.

How does it work?

  • Call or email us for an appointment.
  • Receive from us a complete and accurate quote for your State of incorporation.
  • Complete a simple questionnaire and we will file all the necessary paperwork.
  • Receive your complete Corporate or LLC kit within 15-30 days.